Texas 10-31: A Texas True Crime Podcast

Mina Bomar & Jessie Bardwell

October 11, 2018

Hey guys it's episode 38! This one sucks all the way around. First off, we bore you with about 15 minutes of voting reminders, our faces being in the newspaper, and a general annoyance with men. 

Secondly, once we get around to the murders, we CRY A LOT...and mess up some dates because we can't count. Cassie begins the episode with the rape and murder of Mina Bomar in Sugarland. Her offender would have a lovely history of crimes that we have fun piecing together and try to once again attempt math. 

Lastly, Hannah ends the episode with the murder of Jessie Bardwell. We have a heavy discussion about coercive control, victimization, and how the world/judicial system is handling these issues today. We apologize if any of our views and opinions are offensive to any gender, race, or political stance....but also, it's our podcast. 

Sorry not sorry for the tears. These topics are very important to us, and you can always use the "skip" button as much as you'd like.

We will be taking next week off, but plan to come back the week of the 22nd to round out the the last two weeks of October with more terrible things. We will also be branching out for our Halloween episode this year so look forward to that!!!

Don't forget to contact us if you'd like to meet up and GO VOTE! Happy Halloween!!

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