Texas 10-31: A Texas True Crime Podcast

Lucky Ward & Cedric Owens

December 13, 2018

Hey everyone welcome to episode 42! This week we begin by gushing over Vanderpump Rules and yelling at our lovely, short lived, listener "Amy". 

Cassie starts out the episode with the listener suggested case of Lucky Ward. She talks about a homeless man who prowled the Midtown and Montrose areas of Houston (for most likely decades) robbing and murdering African American women. With no set date, his trial is almost 10 years in the making, and there could be countless other victims police have still yet to discover.

Hannah finishes the episode out with the murder of Cedric Owens in Dallas. What happens when you mix alcohol, baking soda, PCP, and a long history of violent behavior due to sexual assault trauma?? Obviously a brutal stabbing and genital removal....

Happy Halloween!

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