Texas 10-31: A Texas True Crime Podcast

Halloween Episode: Olivia Mabel & The Church of Wells Cult

October 30, 2018

We are finally back with a new episode for everyone just in time for Halloween!

We begin Episode 39 with a bit of chit chat and a listener Q&A email...thanks Claire!

However, when we do finally get into the spooky stuff, Hannah starts things off with the eerie story of Olivia Mabel out in Celina, Texas. Who wrote the letters, who made the phone calls, and who left the fresh flowers?? 

Cassie then tells us about the super scary "Church of Wells Cult" out in Wells, Texas. Drugs, abduction, control, and brainwashing are all in the Bible, right??

(If we offend anyone with our jokes about religion we apologize now, we were just trying to keep things light hearted).

Enjoy the Halloween Episode!!


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