Texas 10-31: A Texas True Crime Podcast

Betty Gore & Davontae Williams

November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! If you get bored while spending time with family this weekend, or are the only one at the bar and want some company, then we have a super fun yet super bummer episode for you!

We start episode 41 with the brutal axe attack of Betty Gore in Wylie. Hannah makes fun of people having an affair, reads off too many phone conversations, and recreates a hypnosis therapy session! Was it Candy, Betty, Cetty, or Bandy??

Cassie ends the episode with a horrific case of child abuse out in Arlington. Davontae Williams was just 9 years old when his life tragically ended after countless years of torture. Listen to hear about the two women who made his life a living hell.

Happy Halloween! 



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